Peau’s Glowdess Sheet Mask

Today we’re going to talk about the ingredients in Peau’s Glowdess Mask, a mask for instant glowing!

Let’s start!

Vitamin B3 – Also known as Niacinamide, Vit B3 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps minimize and tighten enlarged pores, improve uneven skin tone, reduce dullness, and strengthen a weakened surface. Let’s talk about enlarged pores on another day okie!

Besides, it also has anti-acne properties as it helps regulate sebum production besides having anti-inflammatory properties. Another interesting fact about Vit B3 is, it could help speed up epidermal cell growth (which slows down with age), help with wound healing, and smoothen the structure of the skin. No reason to not about Niacinamide, ya?

Mulberry Extract – Mulberry has been used for centuries for its remedial properties. This antioxidant ingredient is rich in Vit A, B₂, C, and E, which are highly beneficial vitamins for the skin. This extract is also known for its natural skin brightening properties and the ability to help fade away dark spots caused by aging/sun exposure. It is a natural alternative that is used to replace harsh ingredients like Hydroquinone and Mercury.

Since it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it could help in increasing the production of Resveratrol in the body. Resveratrol helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and protect it from UV rays whilst also counterbalancing free radicals created from environmental factors. Free radicals break down skin cells and can contribute to the acceleration of aging, causing a loss of elasticity and lines and wrinkles to appear. But thanks to antioxidants, both within your diet and applied topically, it can help to slow down this process.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract – Extracted out of a succulent plant known as Purslane, which is famous in Korean traditional medicine to treat infection and irritated skin. This golden or green-colored plant has skin-soothing properties and is a potent antioxidant thanks to its high amounts of mega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid), NMFs(polysaccharides and amino acids), vitamins (β-carotene), minerals, and antioxidants (yellow betaxanthins and reddish betacyanins) as well as other antioxidant compounds such as Glutathione.

Thanks to all its beneficial components, Purslane Extract has several magic properties: it’s a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent and also has wound-healing abilities. 

Beta Glucan, Trehalose, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Chondrus Crispus Extract  – Powerful ingredients that help the skin to cling onto the water and hold onto it so that your skin feels nicely moisturized. In short, this product is a powerhouse for humectants. 

These ingredients help moisturize the skin as the key to healthy skin = hydration. 

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