Welcoming 8.8


This is an overdue post, missed 2 or weeks of post, right? I’ve definitely lost count.

Today, I’ll be sharing these awe-sum local indie brands from Malaysia that will be part of our launching! It’s not much for now but we’ll grow, for sure (like you, yes you).

Each of these brands have their own uniqueness / difference, so it’s alright to use them together (but make sure the products suit your skin in the first place).

In each product page, we’ve included the key ingredients (require loads of reading, reason to absence) so do click on the description in each product page. We included the description, the key ingredients, suits which skin type, full ingredient list and also methods on using it (except the pouch and hair stick. Unless you want us to do a video tutorial on how to use a pouch, do leave a comment below).

I’ll do a post on each products/brand on another day but here’s an image of all the products. It looks like a family photo right?

That’s it for tonight (or morning over this side of the world) and I’ll write soon!

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